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On Slave Leia

From a Metafilter discussion about Disney retiring Slave Leia collectibles:

“Yes. I was a kid when I first saw it, and it wasn’t the sexy that bothered me, it was seeing my Lone Representative of My Gender, who also happened to have proven herself a badass, (a rare thing!) get degraded for yuks.

“You may not know this, but until very recently, if you were a girl who admired a girl character in a media property, you also repeatedly experienced the sinking, shaming sensation of seeing your hero turned into a tits n’ ass parade at some point, or otherwise having her female status used to make her Less Heroic than male characters.

“Has Captain America yet had his turn onscreen in nothing but a chainmail banana-hammock and fetters, being slobbered over by a repugnant slavemaster who appears to want to rape him, until a fully-clothed group of female heroes rescues him? No. And outside of fanfic, he won’t, because it’s upsetting for men to see their heroes treated that way.

“It’s not about prudery.”

Full discussion http://www.metafilter.com/154467/Disney-To-Retire-All-Slave-Leia-Merch#6274851

Movie still from Return of the Jedi.

Good Groups, Bad Groups and Gender Representation in Entertainment

Commenter on a Reddit thread about Wolf of Wall Street:

“If you continually see, over and over and over again, men doing these great things, and women not even present for it, your stupid human programming is going to kick in and those are going to be the set rules. Good Group, Bad Group. Or – in my case, COOL Group, Bad Group. The need to see someone who looks like you doing the things you want to do is SO huge. It’s SO necessary to have positive self worth.

Imagine only seeing you as a sidekick or a hot reward. Maybe you would be like me – I was like, “That’s NOT me. I’m more like [the White Guy]!”

Like, it was possible for me to identify with male characters, but in order to do that, every single day I enjoyed that media, I would have to set aside the female part of myself. I honestly didn’t realize how damaging it was until recently. Or how easy it had become for me to dislike it, to think less of being female. I wanted to be cool, and cool was completely synonymous with being male. This is what I was taught, so it’s what I learned, and I would do my best to be that, by golly by gosh.

In order to pretend to be someone I wanted to be – fun and kind and goofy – I had to pretend to be a guy. In order to be the kind of hero I wanted to be, I was Flash or I was Robin – Wonder Woman wasn’t fun, she wasn’t goofy. Batgirl was never really part of the adventures, Crystal Kane just sat up in Sky Vault and ran a computer, I wanted to be part of the adventure! I was Ace McCloud! I was Michelangelo, not boring April! Stupid, stick in the mud girls aren’t part of the adventures! Or if they are – imagine a child pretending to be one of those super sexual heroines? Just…? Why is that what they’re limited to.”

Full thread http://www.reddit.com/r/cringe/comments/1zd1cs/female_version_of_the_wolf_of_wall_street/cft05e8

Image from Etsy http://www.etsy.com/listing/89972756/spiderman-spidergirl-tutu-perfect-for

Inside NFL Locker Room Culture

From Sports Illustrated (via Digg’s top stories):

“People wanted to get on Richard Sherman for being brash and aggressive in his post-game interview after the NFC championship game, but they sure enjoyed watching the bloodbath that took place on that field for 60 minutes between San Francisco and Seattle. One of the best games of the playoffs was one of the most brutal, physical games I saw all season. NaVorro Bowman had his leg snapped in half during a fumble recovery, and while he was writhing in pain on the ground, Marshawn Lynch came over and stole the ball out of his hands. First down Seattle. Crowd goes wild. Fans want to see stripped-down gladiators out on the field and buttoned-up businessmen in the locker room. You can’t always have it both ways.

With so much testosterone and so much ego in one room, the possibility of things going off the rails is very high. Like any workplace, however, the most important stabilizing force is good leadership, from an organizational level, a coaching level, and most importantly a player level. From my experience, the best teams are the ones that have strong leadership at each position.

My workplace is not the typical American workplace. It’s far from perfect, but then again, so are we. And, maybe, so is this sport we play. When it’s all said and done, we all will miss the screaming fans, the big games, the packed stadiums, the adrenaline of competition. But the thing I hear the most from guys who retire is how much they miss the locker room. Something tells me that’s not going to change if I share mine with someone who just so happens to have a different sexual orientation.”

Full article http://mmqb.si.com/2014/02/28/connor-barwin-nfl-locker-room-culture/

Graphic from IGN http://www.ign.com/boards/threads/why-are-nhl-nba-locker-rooms-such-crap-compared-to-mlb-nfl.452392155/

The Fox News Effect

From Salon, a writer reflects on his father’s right-ward shift as he ages:

“My cohort, Generation X, is stuck between two generations of suffering Americans. The millennial generation is losing job opportunities and income as the nation stagnates. They put off marriage and buying homes. While white, Fox News-addicted baby boomers have lost their sense of hope. They’ve been passed over by shifting attitudes about gay marriage, the role of government and a host of issues. They still think of themselves as the “silent majority,” when in reality they are a wounded and thrashing legacy of white hegemony. My parents’ generation is becoming fragile antiques, relics by choice, reassured by Fox News that they are still the only voice that matters.

I, and people like me, have managed to break the cycle of conservative red-and race-baiting. I’ve noticed similar attitude shifts among some of my close friends, who have likewise drifted from the televised rage of our fathers. I only wish I could do something to ease the anxiety of those I love, an emotion that is a cash cow for exploitative right-wing commentators. But I have no real solution, other than to turn off the television. Sadly, for some of the nation’s elderly, they seem to have no desire whatsoever to rethink the politics of fear and Fox News. It’s a criminal waste of retirement.”

Full essay http://www.salon.com/2014/02/27/i_lost_my_dad_to_fox_news_how_a_generation_was_captured_by_thrashing_hysteria/

Republicans: Your Leaders Have Lied to You

Via Reddit:

“This is something the rank-and-file right-wing hasn’t understood yet. They’ve been told the ideology they follow creates the jobs, they’ve been told they pay their own way, yet time and time again they have the worst record for job creation (the only states to have negative job growth in the last year are run by Republican governors) and they’re the ones that cause the debt increases. They live in areas of their state that take more than they pay in taxes, taking from the blue areas. They live in states that take more in federal taxes than they pay. Up until 2005’s tax year, only Texas was a red state that wasn’t a leech. But since then, and for the entirety of Obama’s presidency (which means during all their Taxed Enough Already protests), every single red state gets more in federal dollars than they pay in.

So I’m going to just say it. Followers of the Republicans: it’s not a complicated matter, it’s as old as history itself, your leaders have lied to you. Over and over again, they’ve just lied right to your face. Nothing speaks like results, and you can’t afford to ignore it any more. They keep feeding you lines, and you have believed every one of them, and reality shows the lines were lies.

Now: when one party in any relationship (it can be any relationship… be it personal, political, consumer, positions of trust), when that one side of the relationship lies consistently to the other side of the relationship, that’s the epitome of an abusive relationship. The liar doesn’t care about you; not then, not now, not in the future. So it’s up to the individual being lied to to either refuse to take any more of their lies… or choose to remain the patsy and stay with the lies and patois. Embrace the lies and the patois. Even repeat them, defend the liars and the lies.

All depends what type of people the followers are.

Full thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/1y8g2o/scott_walkers_wisconsin_leads_the_nation_in_new/cficchq

Image linked in thread

Mass Shootings and Madness

“Over and over again the “mental health issues” being described (outside of Loughner and his ilk) seem to be someone angry about their treatment by the outside world and having difficulty fitting in. Cho shot up Virginia Tech for precisely these reasons. I think the focus on mental health issues beats the hell out of another useless assault weapons ban, but treating these people as completely unreasonable and drastically different from the average person is a mistake I think. Violence is and always has been a trump card for the disenfranchised and powerless, giving them power and choice. Human being have been killing each other mercilessly for essentially all of our time on the planet, and everyone who has ever picked up an Xbox controller or shot zombies has touched on that part of us that fantasizes about rising above a crazy situation with violence It’s not that games and media make us violent, it’s that they reflect the violence inherent in life. We’ve made inroads on that, especially in the last hundred years or so, but I still think it’s a terrible idea to treat people like this as “mentally unstable”. It allows us to dismiss the issues as treatment and identification rather than systemic, and it’s entirely possible that there are still major adjustments that can be made in our social setting before we start treating people acting like humans have for ages as aberrations.

via Metallio comments on America’s Focus on Terrorism Blinds Us To Everyday Violence and Suffering.

Why We Need Sean Hannity

“But the public doesn’t care about this stuff, right? So how do you get Joe America to talk about it in his living room? You give him a little hit of testosterone. Getting to the next step required substituting emotional response for intellectual response. Reality TV, chat boards, talk radio…there were dozens of new vehicles to reinforce confirmation bias. Once an individual was addicted to the hate buzz of stating his opinion, arguing about it, and thereby reinforcing what he already believed, he was primed to respond that way to other issues. Think tanks started building interlaced latticeworks of issues. How can you take an issue like climate change, where 99% of peer-reviewed research supports it, and polarize it? You link it to other social identities. We now have clusters of identities that travel together: religious, conservative, global warming skeptic, Chick-fil-a eater. It’s increasingly difficult to disassociate from one without disassociating from all. Sean Hannity and others like him exist because we need him: we need the constant reinforcement to keep these identities together. We get an ego boast and hormonal jolt; the think tanks get foot soldiers.”

via sorrykids comments on Why is it permissible for public voices to be this way now? What can we really do about it?.