On the way to San Fran tomorrow for Andrea’s event in San Mateo. I’ll probably get high-speed in the hotel room. Ron’s hoping he can get us into first class – if not then business class.

Missed the SOTU address due to gourmet yum at Ecce. I’ll try and download it tomorrow morning and smack it on the iPod. Might bring 1984 with me to meditate on. I finished it – it was excellent!

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6 replies on “SFO-Bound

  1. You can pretty much guess what he said. Gays are bad, blah, social security, blah, the troops, blah, the troops, blah, freedom freedom freedom blah freedom blah, Syria and Iran are next, blah.

  2. Uh, oh…did you just say “San Fran”? Don’t you know you’ve just pissed off half-a-million (okay…two) pretentious San Fran-CISCO natives?

    Good idea about re-reading 1984. I think I’ll pick up a new copy of this weekend!

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