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  1. Are you coming out of the video game closet? There’s no shame in being a grown-up and still playing the occasional Nintendo game. They’ll have to pry mine from my cold, dead hands after I’m gone.

  2. I am still working my way through Simpsons: Road Rage, LotR: RotK, and Manhunt (not based on the male model competition show).

  3. Yeah. The Prince in WW is A LOT more of a badass than the one in SoT. Especially since he sounds a lot more mature……

  4. HEY
    JAJAJAJA, LOL X 1000


  5. Shahdee rules Kaileena drools,not to mention that if I would give my girlfriend Shahdee’s clothes than she would look jut like her.DAMN !!! Shahdee is so fuckin’ hot, but she cannot compete with my girl.

  6. And oh…if anyone has realy realy realy good pictures of Shahdee thar are hard to come by ,than please e-mail them to me.MY e-mail is:webzlingerhead@yahoo.co.nz Thanks again POP fans

  7. Where’s the movie!!!???!!! Whrere’s the MOVIE!!!!!! I want to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE SHOW ME THE MOVIE!!!

  8. yeah to the people debating the chick in black shadee and the empress kailena they betray the prince or try to kill him or both so they stink i wanna see nudes of the chick that was in the first one yeah she helps the prince and makes an appearence in three so the other two stink she rocks oh yeah

  9. Oi man lighten up take a joke we know there not real ….. i know there not real but video game are looking more real now in days and shadee does have a nice butt kailena has a good body but the chick in the first one has the body not a bad butt and she is loyal saved the princes life in the third game so i go with her

  10. does the prince have a name cause they say his dad’s name in the first one they even say the farah chicks fathers name but never the prince what is his name i must know >.>

  11. Okay.. let me brake it down for you real easily..
    the prince of persia games should end with TTT
    in addition to that, assassin’s creed will be made (almost done) (there will also be a book and a movie of assassin’s creed or so I read)
    But not so long ago, art was discovered with the new god of war, assassin’s creed AND POP 4!!!!!
    So there is still hope for us…
    I hope he does have longer hair then in TTT..

  12. yes!yes!yes! the fourth prince is coming out on xmas! god, i hope that he’s gonna spank that elika chick…damn, she’s hot. she’s as hot as kaileena is.

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