Off to the Mountains

I’m going off to Colorado tomorrow through early Monday morning. I’m sorta excited. It’s a business retreat. This guy I met at a conference said: ‘I’m inviting all the visionary people I know to give me feedback on my latest business idea – would you come play with us?’ Hell yeah!

In other news you need to see the movie What the Bleep Do We Know. Full review forthcoming.

I’m also thinking of flipping this blog into WordPress – my comment spam is just out of control lately.

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  1. Droo – take a look at the WordPress links on my site. There’s a WP plug-in called “Spammer Tar Pit” that (if you know their IP) basically blocks them from even getting to your site. It’s pretty cool. Plus, there are a few other interesting WP things there as well which I’ve started to use in my redesign.

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