New York’s Upper East Side

Comment from MeFi:

I had many opportunities to observe him and his rail-thin, dripping-with-jewelry trophy wife in their various interactions with, well, other finance types and their rail-thin, dripping-with-jewelry trophy wives. I spent a lot of time shuttling them about, to the Hamptons, around town, etc, overhearing their conversations about what piece of jewelry wifey should wear on opening night at the Met, and other such topics of intense concern for these bizarre specimens of humanity. I was in near-proximity to their rarefied daily lives to an extent largely impossible for anyone but their fellow filthy rich friends. And actually, I saw sides of them that their "friends" (virtually always business associates of one type or another) would never see. Many a late night I’d drop off their dinner partners (who usually lived no more than a few blocks from where my employer lived) only to hear my boss and his wife launch into all manner of vicious critique of what (you guessed it) wifey was wearing, or speculation about how much they were worth. I’m telling you, these people were soulless. I have nothing but disgust for all of them. All the rich people on the UES that I ever interacted with were contemptible and shockingly ignorant about how their fellow New Yorkers actually live, and think. And now they wanna move downtown.

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