Motorola Razr Turns Self Off

Just blogging this in case someone else if having similar problems. Ron got a new black Razr phone and it kept turning itself off. He eventually called the local Cingular store and (after looking up the phone’s serial code) they said that there was a batch of Razr phones that had a glitch where they’d turn themselves off if they lost a signal. He got the replacement phone today.

In case others misspell: Razor, Razer, Rasor 

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  1. Well I have a pink razor, and have had it for about a year and I havent had many problems with it, besides just having a delayed reaction to everything. I recently dropped mine (its about the 10th time) and like usual the battery cover poped off. I never noticed the little white dot on the back before, but it has seemed to turn red, I havent dropped mine in water or anything, neither have I gotten it wet really. but the only thing is i do keep it on the counter with me when I take a shower. Is it possible that the steam in the air turned the dot red? and its still working perfectally fine, but im really worried now that something had happened to it and it might stop working, is there anything anyone would recomend doing to prevent this?

  2. I have a Black Razr. This is my FOURTH one (original, plus 3 replacements). These are the BEST phones when they are working fine.. but have something inside at 5-6 months tries to self destruct. The re-booting and coming back to the white screen before the regular screen re-populates.. the need to charge the battery more frequently.. the rapid power drops from full siz bars to the screaming red warning lamp.. every one has had the same issues. Cingular claims they know of no issues, but how could they not based on these forums alone? It appears the internal workings of these phones are simply not robust. Shame.. I like the ergonomics. NOt sure if I am willing to continue putting up with the rest of the crap, though! Now mine won’t acknowledge the presence of a charger. *sheesh*

  3. i got my verizon light pink razr feb 1st. it’s been working fine until today. my friend dropped the bottom part where the speaker is into a thing of nacho cheese! we managed to get all the cheese off. so i leave my phone on, it’s on one bar, &#38;then we go outside. not even an hour later i come insdie and my phone has a blue screen on the outside and a totally white screen on the inside. the cheese didnt even go NEAR where the battery &#38;everything was. I tried shutting it off &#38;turning it back on but it was STILL frozen. when i rebooted it, it made the noises but it was frozen. my friend took my battery out &#38;rebooted

    but it didnt work. she put her t-mobile battery in my phone and put my verizon battery in her phone to see if it was just my phone or my battery. the battery worked in her phone &#38; we thought it was only because of low battery power. so we hooked it up to the charger and it didnt acknowledge the charger @all. when i plugged it back in it said “unable to charge” and when i tried to call someone or do anything it wouldd say “INVALID BATTERY”

    but the thing is, when i put my friends t-mobile razr battery in my phone, my phone works. it doesnt say invalid battery, and it charges perfectly fine. but when i put mine back in the problems start again! HELPPPP ME PLEASE.
    i don’t know what verizon will do if i take it back to the phone store.

  4. I got the razr for christmas and it works fine. i have had a couple of dropped calls. The only complaint i have is when i take a picture and then the camera says picture capture failed. I am getting a samsung blackjack for my upgrade and i am giving my razr to my mom she really likes it i would even keep it though but i am ready for a new phone

  5. I have had the same problem for about 3 months with this phone Black razr v3 – won’t hold a charge…even bought a new battery…nothing seems to work. Went to Cingular store today for help – they said the problem is with the phone, not the battery. The phone is 13 months old – one month past warranty, even though I’ve had the problem for months – Cingular will do NOTHING for me because I don’t have insurance on it!

    Has anyone found a real fix yet??

  6. Regarding: phone battery. I was just told to turn off your bluetooth and it holds the charge longer. I got my phone (1) wk ago and it won’t stay charged. frustrating

  7. I really wish I had seen this blog before i bought this phone – i got my pink Moto V3 RAZR and it just keeps shutting off by itself and will not charge. Have to take out the battery, re insert and then it charges. It would freeze sometimes and would take over an hour for it to eventually start charging again….. its heats up too …anyone had that yet??? its now been two days and it wont switch on…it really sucks!!!

  8. Oh by the way mine was from T.Mobile in UK – i just hope, it can be replaced as I am so far away…in Africa!!! ……will try…..fingers crossed ..i reallly like this phone , otherwise am heading back to Nokia!!!

  9. Oh gee where to start. I got the pink razr for my birthday and it was fine..i dropped it and recieved another in it’s place..the customer service was great. I moved states and when i got here..i was exchanging ringtones with a freind and it gave me a “bluetooth” virus..(anyone heard of that?) I unknowingly exchanged ringtones with my mom who also had bad results and got the “virus”..stores don’t acknowledge but also don’t deny it exists. My mom &#38; I both called and recieved new phones (hers black) hers has worked and mine hasn’t been the same. I can’t change ringtones (as a result i leave it on vib.) and it annoys me that I miss so many calls but my psycho phone chose the dumbest ringtone to gliche up and use! I just got off of the phone w/ an AT&#38;T consultant and he’s sending me a new phone in a few days! 🙂 After much annoyance maybe i’ll have better luck! Oh and the BUZZING noise..if you cry while on the phone and it gets through the speaker it does constantly produce a buzzing noise that is worse than any mosquito!!!! Good Luck!

  10. Travis – March 10th, 2007 at 10:40 pm: The end key is the power key so holding it down will power the phone off and on, as for the 6key if you had it on the countertop while taking a shower there’s a slight chance it got water damage, check the back for the red dot.

    Emilie – May 2nd, 2007 at 1:41 pm: Again keeping it in the same room when you take a shower causes a slight chance of water damage due to the steam in the room.

    cay – May 19th, 2007 at 5:51 am: Buy a new phone, dropping it in the cheese caused damage to the phone causing it to malfunction, and since you probably didn’t take the battery out and let it dry for a few days it’s probably not fixable

    CCC – March 16th, 2007 at 9:47 am: There is a glitch in some of the phones that were sent out that have this same problem, Cingular and other providers trying to save face will deny this problem, ask for a new phone if they deny simply explain you’ve had 2 replacements with the same faults and youd just simply like to try a different phone.

    Nessa – March 5th, 2007 at 5:45 pm: I dropped my pink rzr in a cup of coke, it’s possible to fix the phone, what i did to fix mine, was immediately turned the phone off and took the battery out then left it off with everything i could take out of the phone sitting beside it, left it that way for 2 weeks. Turned my phone back on and it has worked ever since. Now yes the red dot will stay so replacing the phone is pretty much a lost cause. But taking the right actions and hoping you’re one lucky sob it could work.

    Sherri – February 14th, 2007 at 11:09 pm: I have no clue, i dropped my phone in coke as stated previously and i took the battery/sim card out for 2 weeks. after said 2 weeks i put batter and sim card back in and my phone’s worked fine every since.

  11. Pam – January 12th, 2007 at 3:26 pm: Most phones now days accept sim cards, so w/o a doubt i’m pretty possitive you’d be able to take your rzr sim card and put it in the new phone if you stay with cingular

  12. Hello, I recently dropped my phone (Razr) in a pool. It only stayed in the pool for about 5-10 seconds and it was on a shallow step. Everything on my phone seems to be working fine after I have let it dry excepttt it constantly shows the “Insert Sim” message once it has powered up. Has anyone had the same problem after dropping it in water and could they fix it? If anyone has ANY idea… please e-mail me at I really need help. I cannot buy a new phone. Thanks again!

  13. If you drop your Razr in water, I’m sorry but you will have to get it replaced. Razrs are a very unreliable type of cell phone anyway.

  14. Today, I dropped my Motorola Pebl from abot 3-4 ft onto flagstone. I’ve done this a few other times with previous phones and thier screens turned white for a few seconds and then went back to normal. So did my Pebl’s. But after about 5 minutes, the screen turned black. My phone still works, I can make and receive calls, take pictures or do anything. I just dont know WHAT I’m doing. So before I get a knew phone, I was wandering if any of you knew if it was broken or not. If not, what can I do to fix it!!??? Please HELP ME

  15. Today, I dropped my Motorola Pebl from abot 3-4 ft onto flagstone. The screen turned white, so I turned it off and on. But after about 5 minutes, the screen turned black. I thought my phone had completely turned off, but then I realized it was just the screen. My phone was still on and it sill worked. So before I get a knew phone, I was wandering if any of you knew if it was broken or not. If not, what can I do to fix it!!??? Please HELP ME!

  16. my razor black v3 could not open its program. and at the lcd appears the boot loader 08.26
    sw version: R374_G_0E.42.0 CR

    OK to program
    transfer mode
    PHONE CODE SIG 35:02:

  17. i dropped my phone in the pool the other day, it was only in the water for a couple of seconds so i took all the goods out of it and am letting it dry. any suggestions on other methods?? Will the ATT people not take the phone back??

  18. Ok I have had my silver Razr through T-Mobile for a year now, I recently have seen the screen white out and reboot several times butit keeps working.
    Also it appears the Bluetooth power is half the problem with the Razr, my small outside screen keeps flickering alot lately, but when I turn Bluetooth power OFF, it never has done it since, but I use Bluetooth so I recently Powered on and Bingo, the flicker is back!
    I get “Insert Sim’ all the time too, I’ve cleaned it with rubbing alchohol and wedged a piece of paper on top of it to hold it down. My phone always works afterwards, I also USE it hard! I’m a mechanic and I recieve some 1,800 texta a month and reply with greasy hands, I flip it open no less than 80 times a day for a year now too.
    Yes the Razr is Overrated and full of glitches, but consider the power packed into such a small case, it’s a full out laptop computer minus the drives.
    I still say I’ll get another one if mine does go bad.

  19. Having read the comments I don’t feel so lonely with the motorola razor’s cell phones that my wife and i have had. My wife was working on her third razor before it died, and this has only been for 3 years since we purchased the first one from cingular/at&t. I have my second one and so far so good. Every Motorola cell phone we have ever had has been a piece of junk. I will never ever purchase a Motorola cell phone again+

  20. I have had my pink razr for 1 yr. Two days ago it would not hold a charge. I called Motorola and they said they would send me a new battery but I would have to send the old one back within 30 days. They wanted my credit card just in case they did not receive battery back. The salesman at my local cell store said that they may say my battery is damaged and then charge me for the new one even though I have been assured that there is no charge. Has anyone had any experience with this. I told them I would call them back.

  21. OMG ive got the same problem as ’71 Amy’ but with my black motorola razr!
    its being so gay i got 2 messages and it wont even let me read them because the dumb voice recording keeps popping up and phonebook stuff and my keypad will not work probably except for the button to turn it off, ive tried everything, turning it off then on again, ive tried taking out the battery, the sim, everything, and seeing as its hot i tried cooling it down but its still being gay and i really need to look at these messages asap! PLZ HELP ME, if i have to bring it in to get fixed ill diee, i wannt it fixed noww!

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  23. I have 60 day old razr V3i – bought it “new” off of e-bay – everytime I push any button – it goes off – I take the battery out- replace it and then it powers back on – but as soon as I hit any button – it goes off again .
    Any suggestions? I “of cours” have no warranty because I bought it from some jerk on e-bay.

  24. Fantastic – thanks for the tips guys. I have a PEBL which i had upgraded a few months ago because i thought it was broken – it kept switching itself off when in my pocket. I swapped to a sony walkman phone but got sooo annoyed with that unlocking itself in my pocket & going on the damn internet that i decided to swap back to the PEBL which i love. Sure enough, it started switching itself off again, so i read this forum & did the drop test – bingo, off went the power. Just cleaned the contacts & put some paper between the battery & case and it now passes the drop test 🙂 Fingers crossed..

  25. I am having a similar problem as several ppl here. I have a pink razor and i cannot figure how to get the voice recorder to stop popping up? the only thing that works is the off button. i took the battery out and everything but no luck. I need it fixed NOW…i have messages I cannot retrieve at all because of this. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP MEE

  26. Please, anyone, help. I’m at the end of my rope. I can’t find anyone who has the same problem as I do so I’m posting. I bought the phone (refurbished) on eBay about a month ago. It worked great for about a day, when the battery was stolen. I just got a new battery and the joy lasted another 2 days. I put wallpapers and ringtones on it using Mobile Phone Tools (v. 3.1 or something like that + Vista), added some phone numbers to the address book, made and received calls and generally enjoyed the phone for those 2 days. Last night I transferred one last ringtone to it using MPT as well (small file made in Melody Studio), and didn’t click on anything before going to sleep.

    This morning I clicked several times on the voice button to use snooze and it worked fine. I let one alarm last too long, though, and about half an hour later, when I clicked on the menu button, it just powered off (it even displays the shut off splash screen). The battery is fully charged. I can receive calls just fine and the phone will stay on, looking and acting completely normal, but if I click on ANY button for any reason, it simply shuts off, and I have to remove the battery and reinsert it in order to turn it on again using the power button, or leave it plugged in to the computer via USB cable for a couple of minutes (after which it’ll strangely turn itself on again). I did not mod it or flash it or drop it or get it wet or anything, all I did was use Mobile Phone Tools to grab a couple of videos and add a few wallpapers and ringtones.

    Update: I used MPT to delete calendar/phonebook info and something changed: Now the keypad sort of works for a few seconds, all glitchy, before shutting off. This makes me think I inadvertedly did something to it while using MPT last night, and that a master clear could possibly fix it, but so far I’ve found no way to do a master clear from the computer. I tried updating the software, but Motorola says there are no new updates for my phone. Please, please help. I beg you. I’ve been without a phone for over 3 months and a couple of days ago I thought my problems were finally over… until this happened. 🙁

  27. I got a black razr 2 months ago, and then i dropped it into the toilet.ya…………the water dot inside turned red, but i tried the rice trick and it worked. for a day. then i tried getting a new battery and it worked, for 3 days. Even if it’s plugged in it won’t charge, im getting it fixed. the razr is a total rip-off.

  28. Wow, I’m amazed. I have a black razr and have been having problems with my phone blanking, rebooting, not charging and then also quickly redlining out. Had an issue with the invalid battery message as well. Hats off to the above post about cleaning teh battery connectors. I’m an aircraft mechanic and I’m by no means slow but I wouldn’t have thought it could be that simple. I doused the connectors and also the sim prongs with q tips and rubbing alcohol and voila! Now that I think about it it does make sense. The phone is a semi-closed and contained electrical device. I’m certain over time that oils and or impurities do expell from the casing and one easy exit point is the connector housing. They looked clean and teh qtips showed no signs of pollutants but it really did immediately solve the phones difficulty. lol How odd! Hope you all find similiar luck.

  29. I have a problem with my Razr phone too! The “Unable to charge” appeared recently and taking the battery out does seem to work as it’s now charging. My problem is with the phone itself. The “Red dot” that appears when your phone gets wet is deceiving! I know for a fact I’ve never dropped my phone in water, never kept it in the bathroom while showering, never been in the rain, etc. However my “dot is red” (However the battery indicator is still white”) I live in Southern Florida where it is very humid. I think that the humidity turned the dot red! The only other thing I can think of is that sometimes when you’re talking on it for a while, playing a game, or online, the handset gets warm. I’m guessing that there is some kind of condensation inside from this and turning the dot red! I think it’s a big scam anyways. I have a “mint condition” phone and they would only allow $30 trade in. They said it was destroyed because of the red dot and “unable to charge” message, and now it’s working. I have metroPCS and I think all the companies are horrible!!!

  30. Shillak, you need a Motorola Phone Tool(MPT) for it to work.. but as for the moment the MPT works on MS Windows platform…

  31. my phone is a Motorola MOTO™ W755 in Purple, & i just purchased it two days ago at a best buy near me. the battery was dieing, so i put my phone in the charger & it suddenly shut of, as if i turned it off. or if it froze. yet i didn’t touch it. so i take it off the charger, & i attempt to turn my phone on. it doesn’t work. i put it back on the charger, & it works.
    at first i thought that the battery was completely dead, so not to hassle about it & just let it sit. until it said “charge complete” then i took it off the charger, and tried turning it on again. it does nothing. i checked the battery back & the water indicator on the phone. no water damage was done. nor physical damage. i’m not too sure what to do. can someone please help me?

  32. I had a black razr for a couple years and dropped it numerous times. the only problem i had was that it would say that it was charged, then suddenly it would say that it had a low battery. Unfortunatley, I lost my phone and was planning on using my sister’s old razr. For some reason, after a few days, when i went to type in a text message it would freeze. My uncle said that he had gotten an extra razr, and gave it to me for free. I’ve been using it but today i dropped it in the toilet. It was in there for only a few seconds, and i shook all the water out, and let it dry by the window, and when i put it all back, it worked fine. it was like this for about 5 hours, when i dropped it. it said insert SIM, and because my old phone used to do this occasionally, i turned off the phone and took out and put back in the SIM card, but I keep getting the same message no matter what I do.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

  33. I had the razr 3 phone only a couple of months when it started flashing error messages “invalid battery” and “invalid sim card” the battery would drain super fast. One minute it would have 2 bars left and then be totally empty the next. It would constantly shut off in the middle of a conversation and it was super hard and irritating trying to turn it on and call the person back as fast as I could. One time I was talking to my mom and it did it 12 times!! I couldn’t get a new phone fast enough.

  34. SADGIRLPosted Jun 21 2007 at 10:10pm | Permalink
    Today, I dropped my Motorola Pebl from abot 3-4 ft onto flagstone. I’ve done this a few other times with previous phones and thier screens turned white for a few seconds and then went back to normal. So did my Pebl’s. But after about 5 minutes, the screen turned black. My phone still works, I can make and receive calls, take pictures or do anything. I just dont know WHAT I’m doing. So before I get a knew phone, I was wandering if any of you knew if it was broken or not. If not, what can I do to fix it!!??? Please HELP ME

    Yepp, I have exactly the same problem :/
    So frustrating when you recieve a text :@ – you know it’s there but you can see it or who it’s from!!
    Anybody got any solutions?

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