Janet Jackson’s Nipple


People don’t get angry about expouse of a shitty and schizophrenic administration. They care about a fucking nipple. In a nipple shield.

Is it just me or were all the songs in the half-time show songs 2 years old?

All For You (weak song anyway)

(not sure what P. Diddy sang but he’s like so two years ago anyway, right?)

Hot in Here

Bawitadaba/Cowboy (though I do admire Kid Rock because he looked like he was actually preforming live – and I love to watch his drummer)

Ah – yeah – RhythmNation – the best album Janet’s ever done – I have always loved the album because of it’s dense dense percussion arrangements. This was pretty good – though none of perfomers are performing with any kind of virtuosity.

Could Justin have dressed up for the occassion – looked like he just got done with his shift at The Gap.

Eeek. Janet and Justin dancing. MILFhunter.com, anyone?

What is this singing Annie bullshit?

Okay – back to what I was doing. Ron is cheering for the Patriots because they are all pasty white boys. I’m working on the ecampus for my blogging teleclass.

Somebody just said the phrase ‘raw naked football.’

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4 replies on “Janet Jackson’s Nipple”

  1. I wasn’t the only one who perked up at the words “raw naked football” – good to know. I wonder if anybody else had a crush on the referee with the big arms (Ed Hochuli) yum…

    So, who won the game? (kidding)

    America doesn’t have the attention span to sustain anger with the Bush administration… too bad GW didn’t expose Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s nipple during the State of the Union. Wait, I take that back.
    I can’t wait to see Missy Elliot do “Let Me Fix My Weave” at the 2009 halftime show.

  2. It’s strange… I’d just pulled out my olllld Rhythm Nation CD the night before and was listening to it thinking “where did Janet go after 2001?” And there she was the next day, although I still don’t know where she went.

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