Low Prices Always price tag.

Dad just called and said that this week’s Frontline on Wal-Mart is particularly chilling, illustrating the collusion between Wal-Mart, U.S. politicians and the Chinese government. Like I’ve said before – middle-America doesn’t realize that Low Prices Always means Low Wages Always and the death of domestic manufacturing. I need to make a reminder to watch Frontline and Nova every Tuesday. As always, the show should be downloadable next week if you are unable to get to it. Sometimes I’m surprised at the levity PBS gives a show like Frontline.

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6 replies on “Is Wal-Mart Good for America? (Frontline)

  1. maybe wally world will now have better competition from the new #3 biggest retalier … Sears Holdings which was formed after Kmart bought Sears today. Many of the free standing Ks will be remodeled to Sears stores. I think one of the brands will eventually fade. Sears free standing stores may be able to carve a profitable niche.

  2. I read it was Sears that bought KMart. We’ve probably got 5 Sears to every KMart here, and being that KMarts are in run-down buildings and usually in the bad parts of town.

    WalMart on the other hand just keeps building more and more.

  3. Is Wal-Mart good for the United Kingdom? NO – their predatory pricing policies undermine local family-owned shops destroying town centres. Their aggressive purchasing policies make small family-owned farms uncompetitive. These are “big business” policies completely insensitive to the way societies are structured.

  4. it’s called good old fashioned US capitalism… weren’t you listening to George Bush at all? [I’m saying all of this with a note of sarcasm in my voice.]

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