Happy Birthday Blog!

5 years ago I stumbled into the blogosphere with a post about MSN. Since then I’ve blogged my love life, my work life and my general life life. This blog ended up becoming a catalog of my political education. Past names of this blog include: Wibblog, Bi Next Door, Polymorph Self, Isopure Miso Soup You So Crazy, When Panics Attack and then finally Andymatic. I started off in Blogger, moved to Movable Type and then settled into WordPress. I wanted to do a ‘highlights’ reel but it is still early.

Happy birthday blog!

Actually I’m wrong. I misread my own archives – the actual five year anniversary was July 18th. Ah well. Move alone then.

Check out old templates at archive.org. 

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Gay Hoosier Taurus INFJ ex-playwright pianist gymbunny published author in San Francisco.

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  1. And you do good stuff! I have to disagree with Palochi. You don’t look a day over 4!

    Keep up the good work .. and glad I found you along the way.

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