Halls of Hotness

Goluboy emailed asking if I’d mind being the latest addition to his Hall of Hotness (a pantheon of handsome bloggers and celebrities). So I sent him my pic from Flickr (which has been described as Henry Rollins-esque). Who am I to disagree with the descriptors:

Strong-willed. Sexy. Tattooed. Reowr.

In fact, I should print that out and post it above my monitor so I’m constantly reminded that sometimes a boost in confidence comes from not being commended for abilities – but for sheer objectification.

Probably another reason to have separate personal and professional blogs? I doubt “gorgeousness and captivating allure” would be a big selling point for ebooks.

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8 replies on “Halls of Hotness

  1. Having seen a few other pix of you, I can honestly say that you are way better looking than Henry Rollins. Congrats on your admission to the Hall of Hotness.

  2. Yea – I usually don’t look as severe as Rollins – plus he has a ton of ink. I’d like to thank the academy of hotness. It was just great to be nominated.

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