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Just got done watching Face Off. I do enjoy watching movies while I’m sitting here working at the computer. Got my opt-in list screened of any unsubscribers and I’ll be ready to broadcast in a day or so to my 3,300 subscribers with my first teleclass announcement. I’ve so far watched Aliens, Alien3, Alien Resurrection, Terminator 2, The Birds and another one I can’t remember.

I love the movie Face Off because it accomplishes such a distinct moral code in an action-packed blockbuster. Yeah, the ending is a little over-long and I think any movie hair stylist that lets a little kid have a bowl cut should be shot… but the emotional connection of the characters, the reversals they all face – is what makes the film so engaging to watch. This is one of those movies where the characters earn their happy ending. I don’t think happy endings should be doled out willy-nilly to pantywaist characters with no backbone. Characters should have to crawl through shit for their happy ending. You must walk through Hell before you can find Eden. I think that is from watching so much Twilight Zone as a kid – and Hitchcock too. And Poe, I guess. The distinct idea that you’ll get yours – just you wait – the whole supreme law of Just Desserts. That ye will be smited (smote?) for thy hubris. Same thing with Macbeth. I remember my high school acting teacher saying that the theme of Macbeth is The Stupid Shall Die. And if you take a look at the text, you’ll see that each time a decision is made – someone really isn’t paying that much attention. Anyway, Face Off is a great film with great action and great acting – two paths that usually don’t intersect.

I was fun watching Aliens with Ron. I have the movie memorized. It was nice to watch the special edition with a few more minutes of film added – including the scene where Newt’s father gets a facehugger alien attached to him. Man, I woulda been pissed if I was in that whole sequence – they had at least four different sets and lots of actors and none of them made the final cut, theatrical release cut.

Finally – I see the final product of something I auditioned for (but didn’t get) – the Hanes commercial where the guys are dancing because their tags of their T-shirts are itchy (they now have printed tags on the bag which is alright, but you can’t where just the T-shirt because it was a big reverse HANES on the back of the neck for all to see).

Ron and I went to a Christmas party last night hosted by one of his Philipino friends. They are a fun crew. They all love shopping – and shoes (they all, of course, blame Imelda). I like seeing Ron with them because he always has a good time and they are so gossipy in Tagalog. I mostly talked with Juan (from Columbia) and Chris (Thai guy from Florida). As Ron said as we left, ‘all the white guys are so boring.’

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  1. how can u watch tv and do computer work? ok, i guess if ur just dling things and stuff, i can see that. plus watch the same crappy movies over and over again. the party sounded fun though. there’s really no reason for this comment.

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