Connie and Carla

nia_connie_and_carla.gifTake Some Like It Hot and Victor/Victoria and you get Connie and Carla. The movie is not remarkable on any level and re-hashes every tired drag queen motif and joke you’ve seen countless times but still remains quite entertaining. A well-handled sub-plot of familial acceptance is a counterbalance to the crazed antics of Nia and Toni. The showtunes sequences are a ball though with lots of medlies and enough nods to musical theatre geekdom to keep me entertained. It will be a great in-flight movie or in regular rotation on TV. It’s tame enough to be accessible and nutty enough to be ‘overt’ – sort of like Birdcage. Ron wants to see it again – he loved it and giggled a lot.

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  1. on the flipside: it’s nice to see a canadian girl from Winnipeg(aka winter pig)make it in “the big city”.

    at least we’re not maids, drivers or slaves…..

    Sounds like something my other half would like to see. He made me watch Some like it hot, and I’m pretty sure he has seen Victor/Victoria before..

    Maybe I’ll suggest it to him

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