From the Chickenhawk Database:

Name Employer Year Born Relevant
Conflict Avoided
Lame Excuse Preferred
Bush, George
Citizenry 1946 Vietnam A.W.O.L.
Cheney, Dick Citizenry 1941 Vietnam “had other priorities”
Hume, Britt Faux TV 1943 Vietnam
Limbaugh, Rush Radio 1951 Vietnam anal cysts
Ashcroft, John “Justice” 1942 Vietnam teaching
business ed
Kennedy, Arthur Judge of sorts 1936 Vietnam lawyering
Scalia, Antonin Associate
Starr, Ken Persecutor 1947 Vietnam psoriasis
Thomas, Clarence Tool 1948 Vietnam
Gingrich, Newt ex-US House (R-Ga.) 1943 Vietnam attended grad school
Giuliani, Rudy ex-Mayor,
1944 Vietnam
Lott, Trent Senate (R-Miss.) 1941 Vietnam cheerleader
Senator (R-Ky.) 1942 Vietnam lawyering
Quayle, Dan Veep 1947 Vietnam National Guard
Reagan, Ronald Prez 1911 WWII Hollywood
Blitzer, Wolf CNN 1948 Vietnam
Buckley, Christopher Unk. 1952 Vietnam
Forbes, Steve News Baron 1947 Vietnam
Medved, Michael Syndic? 1948 Vietnam see “instead” taught 3rd
O’Reilly, Bill Faux TV 1949 Vietnam
Rivera, Geraldo Faux TV 1943 Vietnam

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  1. These Chikenhawks are not only cowards who are quite happy to send other men’s sons off to war, but they are as great a danger to democracy as any group in the U.S in living memory. I strongly believe that if we allow their Rank hypocracy to go unchecked we will live (or not be alive!) to regret it.

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