Ballys Total Fitness and Me

My Bally’s membership turned three years old this month. And for customers of the draconian company, that is indeed a milestone. Now my membership dues are waved and my membership is free! Free! Free!

Except for a small monthly maintenance fee.

What kind of stupid bullshit is that? I knew about the monthly fee long before but I think it is incredibly dishonest when they market it like you get a lifetime membership for free. It is like when a lifetime guarantee on an appliance isn’t your lifetime – it is the appliance’s lifetime.

Before Bally’s I was at Crunch, which Bally’s bought a few years ago. I moved to Bally’s after Ron and I met since my Crunch was expiring. Ah, memories.

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  1. I a new member to Crunch here in SF. I like it ok. The staff are very friendly and go out of there way a lot. Very refreshing after years w/24hr and Golds.

    Never been to a Bally’s. Hope it works out for ya.

  2. I am a member of the Palos Verdes site. Over the last several months, I have been amazed at the decline of quality service and employees. Customer service is poor. Computer and machines are always broken. The last three employees I have been in contact with seem as though they must have at least a 65 I.Q. but not much higher.

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