I’m 29 today. I was trying to think of something profound to write or say and even in my hand-written journal this morning not much came up. My mind drifts back all of the events I can remember and as far back as I can remember them and I try to come up with some kind of pithy summary. I think of where I thought I’d be when I was 29, who I thought I’d be and what I thought I’d be doing and it all seems so different from what I’m doing now… not necessarily better or worse – but different. Anyway, like I said, no profundity right now. Maybe by the afternoon…

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  1. Happy Birthday

    enjoy it 🙂

    Your 20’s are filled with energy of correcting the world and making a place to do good work.You are sun and the stars , be with people who love you for you!!Happy Birthday Son and may all your wishes come true…dad

  2. Happy birthday, Andy! May the gods give you what you want when it’s best for you and may their ears be deaf when you ask for the things that are not for your highest good. I may bake a cake for you and let you know how delicious it was. I’m singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” in my best Marilyn Monroe voice. 😉

  3. Similarly, I had a b-day on the 21st, my Grandma’s was to be the 20th. Her last one was in 1989. Right now she’d be 106 if she was here, but fond memories of one of the most Godly women I’ve had the honor of knowing remain.

    Happy Birthday to you – 29… 11 more years past for me. Enjoy and hang on.

  4. Hey Andy,
    Tried to email you on your birthday (mine too remember) but not sure if I had the right email. Hope you had a great birthday!

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