Monthly Archives: October 2000

tuesday, october 31

from webcam chat:

44593513: (9:55 AM) .you’re a god !!!!
Andrew: (9:55 AM) thanks!
DEX: (9:55 AM) .sorry..
Andrew: (9:56 AM) don’t apologize – always nice to hear nice things
DEX: (9:56 AM) . even from another guy ?
Andrew: (9:57 AM) sure
DEX: (9:57 AM) …okay…..thanks…..for your attitude….
Andrew: (9:57 AM) No big schmeal.
DEX: (9:58 AM) .bi..straight.or STILL looked like a god……
Andrew: (10:00 AM) thnx
DEX: (10:00 AM) .take care, young Sir…..
.God bless and watch over You…….always……….
Andrew: (10:01 AM) thank you so much for your kind tidings
DEX: (10:01 AM) .thank You……….

Oh and I ended up

Oh and I ended up wearing a red pleather miniskirt-dress for a few minutes of Nick’s Halloween party on Saturday. It was suggested that Brigitte and I switch costumes. Um, okay. We did. Though she ended up switching with another guy who was dressed up as Monica Lewinksy on Slim-Fast. Of course there are pictures. I’ll post them here when they’re in.

Been thinking about the suggestion from a talent scout that I change my last name. I guess I want to be given permission to do this. I find myself doing that a lot. I wish someone would give me permission be all that I want to be. Though I know that that permission ultimately comes from within.