tuesday, october 31

from webcam chat: 44593513: (9:55 AM) .you’re a god !!!! Andrew: (9:55 AM) thanks! DEX: (9:55 AM) .sorry.. Andrew: (9:56 AM) don’t apologize – always nice to hear nice things DEX: (9:56 AM) . even from another guy ? Andrew: (9:57 AM) sure DEX: (9:57 AM) …okay…..thanks…..for your attitude…. Andrew: (9:57 AM) No big schmeal. […]

monday, october 30

Voyage to Mars: NASA’s Search for Life Beyond Earth: “NASA has devoted serious attention to the idea of transplanting ‘human heads onto body stems.’ Kept alive on external support, a shipful of heads would be shot Marsward in the interest of saving ‘a great deal of payload.’” quote from Wired 11/00

Oh and I ended up

Oh and I ended up wearing a red pleather miniskirt-dress for a few minutes of Nick’s Halloween party on Saturday. It was suggested that Brigitte and I switch costumes. Um, okay. We did. Though she ended up switching with another guy who was dressed up as Monica Lewinksy on Slim-Fast. Of course there are pictures. […]

I feel myself aging lately.

I feel myself aging lately. I look in the mirror and I notice the start of little crease wrinkles under my eyes. I remember when I noticed this in my sister I got teary eyed because it made me realize how much we’ve gone through together. But now I’m just sighing. I’m aging. It is […]

I still have an averse

I still have an averse reaction to the whole chest stripe shirt/sweater movement that refuses to die after three years. I just can’t do it. I’ve come close to buying one of those abhorrent things but I just can’t. I mean I never thought I’d ever actually start wearing ball caps. That is enough of […]

friday, october 13

“ummmm, this guy makes a conscious effort not to push people down staircases… and when he was a kid, during lent he used to give up chocolate, WHICH HE NEVER EVEN LIKED ANYWAY.”