I feel myself aging lately.

I feel myself aging lately. I look in the mirror and I notice the start of little crease wrinkles under my eyes. I remember when I noticed this in my sister I got teary eyed because it made me realize how much we’ve gone through together. But now I’m just sighing. I’m aging. It is happening. I feel like avoiding the sun forever – maybe that’ll work! But I think of my sun exposure all my life and it is minimal to everybody elses. My skin is roughened from years of shaving, teen acne and college worry. I know I should welcome this new found character. And I know many guys in their thirties that I can’t wait to look like. Like my pal Anthony – though that ho’s been on Retin-A since high school.

Saw the doc last week about my tonsillectomy – he isn’t totally sold on the idea. But he trusts the otolaryngologist I’m going to (ear, nose and throat doc, y’all). I just want to be well for more than four weeks in a row. Really getting tired of sinus infections and such. Also talked to my GP about going off Zoloft – I’ve gone to a half dose now for about three or four months. He suggested I either wait until the winter is over or at least get a lux lamp to combat Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder. He asked me, “What are you like when the sun stops shining?” I said, “Well, I stare at the walls and cry a lot but other than that I love winter.” So I’m gonna shop around online for some of those UV lamps – but then that might be an excuse to go to the tanning bed during the winter to retain a youthful glow, eh??






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