You Vote, You Decide

Yay – Barack Obama got the Democrat win for the primaries for state senator!
In other news…

Idol fever has hit my life. Luckily Ron and I took our own advice and
waited until they’d weeded out the crowd down to 12 finalists. Ron, in his ethnic
excitement, is pulling for the two Hawaiian girls – though I think Camille may
be too self-conscious. But Jasmine blew it out. I think they should dump the
guys and let it be white girls versus black girls versus asian girls. The show
really has evolved since the first season. The producers seem a lot more secure
in letting ‘non-perfect’ looking singers rise up. And the more mature contestants
have so much more confidence in their talents – and take criticism a lot better
that the kids just out of high school. But damn – these girls can sing… yep,
dump all the guys and just have a girl-power show-down because these women have
got some bad-ass vocals.

As we took a walk after the Idol, Ron was furiously hitting redial on
his cellphone trying to pump up the votes for Jasmine (as was the entire state
of Hawaii, and the entire Filipino population of the United States – I told
him I bet people in Hawaii bought cellphones on the East Coast too just so they
could vote twice – the voting computers take into account the time delay and
the area code from which your dialing). I think Jasmine needs to drop the island
girl thing for her next performance and do something aggressive – she can do
cutie-pie all day but needs to do like an Alanis/Benatar fusion – but that flower
in her hair competes for her beautiful eyes. I’m just saying. Meanwhile I’m
sure there was a massive phone spike from the South Side (where Jennifer is






One response to “You Vote, You Decide”

  1. Andy Avatar

    Camille: Get some balls. Or eggs. Whatever.
    All white guys: Go home.
    Jasime Trias: Dump the flower. Cutesy island girl is tired.
    George Huff: Screaming != singing.
    Jennifer: Fantastic job. Go Chicago south sye-eed-ah!
    Fantastia: My favorite.
    Girl with pink hair: Change your look drastically for next week.
    La Toya: Great voice but your ‘character’ comes off weakly.

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