Sitting here at work – trying to tough it out until 3:30 – I got here early enough that I fee like I can leave early. I ended up falling asleep at Ron’s house last night and I didn’t feel like going back home and luckily the clothes I was wearing were suitable for a casual Friday. So I took myself to breakfast at Ann Sather and avoided the cinammon rolls. It is funny – I’ve cut out all grains out since Tuesday and I’ve lost about five pounds in water weight. Though I think Sunday will be the free day – I told Ron to get ready for Bread Central: we’re doing big-ass breakfast, maybe muffins even, then italian for lunch and then maybe Wendy’s for dinner. I guess I’m on the Body for Life diet, essentially… so fucking bored right now. I just called Brigitte on my work phone and then Karen called me on my cellphone – and since Brigitte and Karen sit within two feet of eachother we were essentially having a conference call. Then they both started make moist mouth-noise and I had to hangup. I hate them so much.






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  1. Your Honey Avatar
    Your Honey

    I am not sure if I can eat that much on sunday baby,, maybe I can just come with you and watch?

    You passed on an Ann Sathers cinnamon roll. Has the world gone mad? I can’t believe you did that. I think you’ve got one of those Star Trek worm things in your head controlling your eating habits. It’s causing you to give up strange things for Lent.

    I’ll never be able to look up to you again (culinarily, of course).

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