Myke has a real gem:

Not to be outdone by Ebonics in California, the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools is requesting billions of federal dollars to teach “Y’allbonics” in all classrooms south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Vocabulary includes:

HIRE YEW: (complete sentence) Remainder of greeting. Usage: “Heidi, hire yew?”

FARN: (adjective) Not domestic. Usage: “I cuddint unnerstand a wurd he sed. must be from some farn country.”

My mom still laughs about when she was in K-Mart and some little monster had a hold of his mother’s hair and the mom says: “Honey, you gotta hode o’ mah har.”

Of course Myke did forget to include:

Lullvull: (city) The city of Louisville located on the banks of the Ohio River.

Actually the fewer syllables you can get it down to the better. Locals can actually parse it down to Lul’l.






3 responses to “Y'allbonics”

  1. Andy Avatar

    Once I made a greeting card and faxed it to some friends still in college with structions to ‘cut here – fode here’. Say it out loud: “My bookbag is hurtin’ my shoderz becuz they’re full of foders. Gosh, it’s code outside.”

  2. Richard Avatar

    Though I grew up in Georgia I had only the faintest Southern accent. Then I visited Boston. The local accents there hurt my ears badly. When I returned to the South I found myself slightly cultivating a more Southern speech pattern.

    Nothing like the above though. Heard too much of it when visiting relatives.

  3. Redneck Words
    Federal funding, accents, and the correct pronunciation of La Fayette.