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Chinese rice looking to pair up with a White potato to be a
main dish. I’m starving! Much like Ireland back in the day, I am currently
experiencing the Great Potato Famine. So hungry that I wouldn’t mind
resorting to cannibalism, as in eating other varieties of Asian rice (does rice
on rice get too sticky?). Perhaps some other international cuisine? Still,
nothing beats good old American White potatoes. Would even eat them raw
(that was a double entendre if you didn’t catch it). Huge movie buff (I see 2 to 3 movies some weeks); (heavily into S&M;
that’s Streisand & Madonna/Midler). LOOKING FOR: My mind, body & soul were not built for one-night
stands. I am searching for that rare gay man (preferably white) that is looking
for his soul mate. NOT LOOKING FOR: Married men, and bisexuals,
especially those with girlfriends. Bisexuality is just a pit stop to gay city
anyway. Wish these confused people would realize that, and pick a tEam,
any team! hopes & dreams: i want to live out every romantic movie ever
made, with someone who knows me intimately, and i him. may my gay
white knight in shining armor come save me. i shall nurse you back to
health, for you have been stricken with a tinge of yellow fever (hehehe…get
it?). applications will be taken for the one who will be anointed the once &
future king of my heart.






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