Woo! What a day. Was

Woo! What a day. Was up till 4:30 working on this site last night. I was on a roll. Had one of my manic crazy DO IT kind of fits of creativity. I love getting lost in a project. I LOVE TIME BY MYSELF! Rock the house! Woohoo! Woke up at 8:30 – WIDE AWAKE. Oh yeah. Sat around/shat around. Signed the contract for the theatre for my March production. Met Erik for tea at Cruise-ibou Coffee and then we walked all over – went to a theatre bookstore to get some stuff, had a late lunch then met my friend Mierka for a website project involving an MS foundation. More later. And looks like I’m Babe in the City tonight – going to a play by myself since Erik ditched me and everybody else is busy – but that will be fun. I’m checking out the space for my July production. Et cetera… going to Circuit tonight around 1 I reckon to do some serious ass-shaking. We’ll see.






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