Women Soldiers

I was reading an essay about women in combat situations and had a strange thought – I don’t think I’ve seen any pictures of female soldiers coming back to the States missing limbs. Maybe I missed some recent reports or this is a function of women being limited in combat exposure…? I’ve seen plenty of pics in Time or Newsweek of male soldiers missing arms, hands, legs or feet…

And no, conservative readers, I am not jumping up and down hoping to see pictures of female soldiers missing limbs – I just had a curious moment as to the absence of those images in the image pool coming back from Iraq.






3 responses to “Women Soldiers”

  1. kc Avatar

    Andy, I just recently saw a story, w/pics, about a female soldier who’d lost a limb. I think it actually was in Time or Newsweek . . .

  2. kc Avatar

    But you’re right, there have been hardly any images of women veterans with that kind of injury. I wonder what the actual numbers are?

  3. Andy Avatar

    I blog corrected. Thnx, KC.

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