Woman's Ring Grafts to Her Body

Good God this is disgusting. A woman’s skin grew right over her wedding ring.


The full doctor’s report: Woman’s flesh grows over wedding ring.






11 responses to “Woman's Ring Grafts to Her Body”

  1. Alan Avatar

    Did she not notice this was happening, like 10 years ago?! EEEeeeewwwww!

  2. bw Avatar

    It looks like she had an injury that caused her finger to swell so badly that her skin could not withstand the pressure and split, then healed itself above the ring. Well, I guess we know where the One Ring really is.

  3. mark Avatar

    Never again will I be able to eat finger foods.

  4. RcktMan Rick Avatar

    Oh my God. Ew. I am going to be ill.

  5. RcktMan Rick Avatar

    Just one more comment. The link with the doctor’s report calls this a lump. A LUMP? That’s a freakin’ BASEBALL.

    Ok enough.

  6. biblioman Avatar

    This is very interesting. The doctors report said they removed the ring surgically. I wonder if they simply removed all the layers of soft flesh around the bone until they got to the ring? At least the poor woman got some treatment for her hypothyroidism and her schizophrenia.

  7. Jonny Avatar

    God, talk about giving someone the finger.

  8. palochi Avatar

    Another example of why heterosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to marry. 🙂

  9. Dennis Avatar


    let’s pray that somewhere out there an anti-social homo who’s got a scant history of schizophrenia doesn’t forget to take his cock ring off.

  10. Katie Lane Avatar

    Ewww! That is the nastiest thing I have EVER EVER EVER seen next to two dogs humping each other!

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