Win a Date with Tad Hamilton

topher_grace.gif Ron loves romantic comedies. He gets that familiar glaze of ‘aw shucks’ whenever hilarity ensues as two people find out what they were looking for has been right in front of them all the time. And so I knew he would love Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. I had been struck when seeing stills of how similar Topher Grace and I look – in this movie at least – in That ’70’s Show not so much. But it is uncanny – it is like I’m seeing myself on the television. Except for the blue eyes – we’re dead ringers – right down to the acrid wit. And the whole notion of pining for one of your best friends that you’ve fallen deeply in love with. This has to have happened to me at least 3 times in my life. I’m such a martyr. I remember reading an interview with Topher talking about how to not have his character be a weenie wuss – but have some sense of nobility – and that was present. And of course I wouldn’t mind having Josh Dumahel’s abs or pectorals either.

Overall, a pleasant movie with some nice twists and solid acting. Except that nobody has an accent – the movie takes place in West Virginia and nobody has a drawl. Bad bad producers! If you’re gonna go slummin’ – go all the way!






5 responses to “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton”

  1. sam Avatar

    It’s strange how Topher is so not cute on 70’s and yet so hot in everything else. I’ve done the whole “pining for a friend” thing too, seems to be my life story. Martyrs unite.

  2. Tim Z. Avatar

    It’s strange how Topher is so not cute on 70’s and yet so hot in everything else.

    Perhaps that says something about 1970s fashion. lol

  3. Andy Avatar

    Yeah – I think it’s the hair. Like in Traffic – that was a great monologue with him in the car with Michael Douglas. (scroll half-way down)

  4. Matthew Avatar

    That’s like filming in WI without cheese or beer in the film ! What where they thinking ?

  5. Sam Kleinman Avatar

    I have the same opinion of Topher Grace. Heh. And I thought of the whole momlogue in traffic, which I too think was brilliant.

    The problem with that 70s show is more that the hair style was SOOO bad. Anyway, thank you for that!