Why We Fight

Whoo I’m drunk! Kevin and I met up for a good ol’ lefty meeting. We went to see Why We Fight.

Why We Fight starts with Eisenhower’s presidential exit speech where he warns of the enroachment of the military-industrial complex and the documentary explores how Americans are inevitably drawn to war as a solution to increasingliy scarce resources and as the solution to domino-effect bugaboos. John McCain, Chalmers Johnson, William Kristol and super freaky-deeky touch-you-in-that-uh-oh-place Richard Perle deliver their opinions on American Exceptionalism – or the lack there-of. You can tell this is a non-American documentary because they show whatever that jaw swelling is that McCain has – American media seems to frame him in a better light. Karen Kwiatkowski also chimes on cherry-picked intelligence in the run up to the war with the Office of Special Plans.

Essentially the idea is that the military, industry, Congress and now think tanks are all part of a symbiotic system that always needs More War. And More War can always be justified and the people can always be brought in line to obey and send their poor off to die for a war that no one can truly explain.

Sharp documentary, great portraits of both sides of the argument and fascinating investigaion. Highly recommended.

Then go have a frozen strawberry margarita.



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  1. Spencer Avatar

    i’ll be drunk thursday night at the gay bloggers thing. i hope. 😛

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