Why Nancy Grace is a Miserable Shrew

“Don’t forget the way she harped incessantly on the Duke LaCrosse case, repeatedly calling them rapists and insisting they were guilty, confronting everyone who stated otherwise or withheld judgment as being rape apologists. … Or the Danielle van Dam case, where she repeatedly flat out fucking lied all over the air – even after being corrected – and said ridiculous shit like how “that DNA must be pretty tough to survive on a [leather] jacket through a shower.” No DNA was found on his jacket, and who the fuck showers in a leather jacket? Or how bout the Melinda Ducket case, where she brutally and repeatedly attacked the 22 year old mom, all but flat out saying she was a murderer and that anything shed been told not to do or speak of by her attorneys was evidence of her guilt. When Melinda broke down and appeared confused, started to cry, and repeat that the media pressure has made everything so much worse, Nancy flat out said she thought she murdered her son and was lying. Melinda shot herself in the head the next day, and her son was never found. Or the Casey Anthony case, where she near single-handidly blew up the trial to a national frenzy. In those months alone, Nancy Grace convinced most of a nation that the legal system failed them, because shed spent months portraying only a partial view of the prosecution and repeatedly hammering into them that she was guilty, no doubt, she needed to fucking burn for what shed done, and now the justice system had failed the entire country by not putting this “tot killer” mom to death. As if the judge, 12 jury members, and a defense attorney had collaborated to get Casey Anthony out of it just to damage Nancy’s reputation. She then hinted out of the blue on the day of her release that maybe vigilante justice was a totally good idea. Fuck Nancy Grace. She’s the single most damaging persona in “journalism,” entertainment, and because of her sick influence and viewership, she corrupts the entire justice system. She doesn’t give a fuck whose lives she destroys, branding them forever as rapists, murderers, child killers, as long as she’s got a missing white girl she can plaster across her banner for 4 hours a day.”

tremens comments on Nancy Grace on Reddit thread


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