Why My Cat Smells Like Roast Chicken

We used to live on the 16th floor and the cats didn’t fall out the window.

We now live on the 6th floor now with a 5th floor courtyard beneath. Downy somehow fell off the balcony and landed in a rosemary bush. Probably a ten foot fall into well-cushioned bushes.

I’m guessing he tried to jump up on the rail of the balcony and slipped and then launched himself into the bush. He’s limping so we’ll give it a day to see if it just a sprain – he doesn’t cry when you hold him or when we touched his legs so we figure there’s not break. He was hiding in the bushes as Ron and I tore through the apartment complex.a

Mewing quietly, I found him.

I think he’ll be fine. They have never shown interest in being on the balcony railing.

He is limping a bit but didn’t cry when we picked him up or touched his leg – I think he probably has a muscle pull

He’s hiding under the bed healing now. if he doesn’t look well tonight we’ll take him to the vet.

I’m going to check the bushes for tufts of fur as part of our forensics.

Poor guy smelled like roast rosemary chicken.

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