Why John Kerry Sucked

Again, Kos hits the nail on the head:

I think Kerry is a great Senator, but he was a godawful presidential candidate…. The man had no reason for running. He had no message beyond “I’m the most electable”. Dean was running his anti-establishment campaign. Clark was weaving his sterling military service into domestic issues with his “New American Patriotism”. Edwards had the best message of all, talking about the “Two Americas”. Yet Kerry had nothing. And while his “most electable” drivel helped propel him into the nomination, it left him ill-prepared for the general campaign.

[C]ampaign insiders will tell you that no one loved Kerry. No one had any sense of higher purpose. People who worked for Dean, Edwards and Clark all passionately loved their man. The campaigns stuck together.

I had the same reaction to Kerry saying he wants another go-around as Al Gore: Now you grow some balls! Now you decide to speak your mind! Now you stop being conservative lite! Nope – you didn’t brevity. You didn’t learn warmth. You’re a much better Senator than candidate.







2 responses to “Why John Kerry Sucked”

  1. David Avatar

    TOTAL TOTAL agreement!!! The man was too pompus and boring and just afraid to take a STAND. So, what do you think Hillary’s chances are? I’m sure her ‘devil worship’ practices will soon surface if the republicans have any say in it.

  2. Patricia Avatar

    Hillary has a bit of a personal integrity problem stemming from her husband’s presidency. If she and former President Bill Clinton had admitted to having an open marriage, instead of the cloak and dagger game, perhaps the other “-gates” wouldn’t have happened. The use of a minister at a Mainline College that became a University after the whole affair was over, was a brilliant move. New Yorkers appreciate good maneuvers. But those that didn’t understand it as a manuever would consider consulting astrologers and psychics as devil worship.
    Those type of people are easily deceived. Perhaps she could just use another minister to cover up this problem. She has proven to have many ways of influencing the general public. It really depends on who are the voters she wants to have influence over.

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