Why Extremists Are Obsessed with Women's Bodies?

From the Independent:

We really do face a phenomenon which deserves consideration: why are extremists so obsessed with women’s bodies? Some ideas might help us answer this question:

Firstly, the extremist view of women is that they are only bodies and instruments for either legitimate pleasure or temptation, as well as factories for producing children. This view strips women of their human nature.

Secondly, the extremists believe women to be the source of temptation and the prime cause of sin.

Thirdly, being strict about covering up women’s bodies is an easy and effortless form of religious struggle. Throughout human history, strictness towards women has usually been a way to conceal political abuses and real crimes.

Fourthly, the extremist ideology assumes that humans are a group of wild beasts that are completely incapable of controlling their instincts.

via Alaa Al-Aswany






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