Who Should I Vote For?

PresidentMatch.com has a quick little survey that will tell you who you should vote for. I ended up with 100% Kucinich (84% Dean) and for George W. Bush – a paltry 9%. And come on – can you really count Bush’s stint in the National Guard (plus the ensuing AWOL) as military service? Military service to me means the man has held a dying soldier in his arms and has had to reconcile the end of a human life with greater geopolitical ambitions. (via MeFi)






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  1. Jay Avatar

    ok so i wasn’t expecting this. my results offered 100% kerry, 99% kucinich, followed closely by sharpton (!!!), clark, dean, edwards, lieberman (already down to 83%) and LASTLY, non-elect white house tenant bush & co with an embarrassingly high 16%… and on the very day i started leaning towards edwards… have i been dismissing kucinich for no reason at all? at least i know i’m not too keen on kerry because i’m afraid he’s really oliver hardy re-incarnated (well, not really, but still! 🙂

    Thank you for a web site, that thinks like I do. I’ve had thoughts about Herman/John for several months now.

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