White Texans Now Minority

Expect the backlash soon: Texas becomes the fourth state where whites are the new minority.

Dear Democrats: WAKE UP.






One response to “White Texans Now Minority”

  1. Beastmomma Avatar

    I certainly agree with you that Democrats need to wake up. After having just finished my first weekend with the Institute of Political Leadership, I am astounded with how hard it is to SPEAK UP and STAND UP when dealing with extroverted, dominant Republican personalities. This may not be profound to you; for me it was eye opening at how much gets done or does not get done based on personalities. For instance, there were several moments where I wanted to speak up or make my point but I did not because I was afaid of being bulldozed and/or the subject changed too fast.

    I hope that I can create a place for myself and other Democrats who are trying to be vessels of change while working with our introverted personalities.

    Not sure if this makes sense.

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