What Kerry Should Say

Via Sam from Burnt Orange Report:

What Kerry should say during the debates:

I understand where the President is coming from. He appears very resolute on TV. But let me be very clear and decisive about one thing right now- if 3 years into my presidency I am where he is right now and 1.6 million jobs have been lost and people who do have jobs are making less than before I became president, if 5 million fewer people have health care and 4 million more people are in poverty, if college is more expensive and 1100 more soldiers are dead in a war no one can explain why we are fighting, if the deficit is at a record level and if a majority of people think that things are going to be worse for their children than it is for them, I’ll ‘flip flop’ and try something new.

Mmmm… toasty!






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  1. sam Avatar

    That could be his “you, sir, are no Jack Kennedy” moment. He better have a moment like that in the works!

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