What Dreams May Come

This weekend is the Market Days street festival. Market Days always marks the close of summer since it is the last gay holiday of the season. A gay holiday is one where it is warm enough and sunny enough to walk around with your shirt off all day. You can also tell this is you register the bread intake in the 60657 zip code on Monday – everyone can stop abstaining to look good for 4th/July, Pride, Gay Games, etc… Market Days is similar to what would happen if the gay pride parade didn’t go anywhere and got fenced in on several blocks on Halsted. For me it is the one time a year I get to eat a funnel cake (mmm… funnel cakes). Weather says we have a high today of 87 so that shouldn’t be too horrendous.

Ron and I watched Touch of Pink last night again. Very good movie. Highly recommended. Great acting all around.

I started watching Running Scared but it got too violent and Ron doesn’t like really violent movies. He does like torture in movies but not violence. Figure that one out. I gotta find some more movies of torturing.

Something bloomed. Sneezing a lot this morning. That or I need to vacuum. Probably both.

Speaking of torture I had a dream last night that I was watching or witnessing or just omniscient in some sort of strange torturing movies or scenario. These two guys and a young boy were restrained in gurneys and were having their flesh peeled off with power tools. Then the lead guy overrides the neural network and somehow does a Carrie-like psychic powers escape with lots of explosions. This is all on the backlot of some Disney captivity exhibit or Paradise Island type setup where Matthew McConaughey is on display for some strange reason (and he knows me by name).

I have had the math class dream twice in the past week. The one where I keep forgetting to go to math class with Ms. Cummings in high school and it’s the day before the end of teh semester and I want to ask for extra credit or I have to go talk to the guidance counselor to see if I get an A in the class next semester if we can strike the F I’m sure to get from the record. I have this dream frequently lately. It isn’t that I am not good at math, it isn’t that I don’t know where the class is – it’s that I keep forgetting to go to class. This also brought a revisit to my favorite middle school nightmare – I can’t get my locker open and the bell is ringing for 1st period. I used to have a locker next to a guy who became a football star in high school and then eventually an alledged rapits.

I am trying to remember the dream I was having just before I woke up this morning but I can’t right now. At least I know I’m getting my REM sleep, right?

Kitty is pissed. He’s sitting on the window sill staring at the pigeons on the roof next door. So close and yet so far away. He dreams of being the Feline Wright Brothers and flying from my building to the next and snapping up each pigeon in his might maw. Instead, he mews in frustration and flails his tail.

I had a dream also that I’m living back in a dorm and I’ve got the cat and he escapes. Somethign about the dorm and the adjoining building means the floors are numbered one way on one side of the complex and another on the other side. Eventually I chase the cat outside and he gets into it with a lynx (?) or a chinchilla – whatever Beastmaster (or was it Conan) had. I think he gets killed but in truth he merely disconnects his tail and the rodent scurries off with his tail. So then my cat is running around with no tail but I’m somehow knowledgeable that he will grow it back in time.

I keep laughing at a fake movie title mentioned in the Ethan Green movie: Cowabunghole. I was doing cable fly at the gym and had to stop because I was giggling and those around me thought I was nuts. After a little Googling I found that Cowabunghole is actually a straight adult movie from Vivid video.






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  1. JB Avatar

    I had a strange dream that I had bought a second car, something old and fairly knackered and red, but it was really really good fun to drive.

    Then I went to work in it. When we came out of work (all at the same time for some reason), the skies had completely blackened and it was snowing like crazy. It looked like the end of the world or something. All the cars in the car park had gone, including mine. They were all on trailers which were being pulled backwards and forwards across the field (our offices are a converted farm out in the country) by big tractors. Except mine, which was completely missing. V. strange.

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