Went to see Naked and

Went to see Naked and Shameless in concert at Lyon’s Den. I had a good time – the Gap/J. Crew crowd didn’t seem to get it though – plus, Matt was coming from opening night of a play so he was already in a really ornery mood – but that’s what makes Buck ‘Fuckin’ Naked so much fun. They sing this song whose only lyrics are ‘Let’s get fucked up. Let’s do some stuff. Let’s get fucked up.’ I love it. I felt a little out of place because I was dressed for clubbing in olive khakis and a black muscle-shirt. I was the only guy there showing shoulder – ah well. Did I mention how goddamn hot it is in this city? Had to leave one of the clubs early because I was just over-heating. I’d drunk a tall bottle of water on the way to the bar and it was determined to all sweat out before the night was over. Felt sort of gross. Met Richard for a drink at Sidetrack, it seemed to be geriatric Fridays for some strange reason. A lot of male pattern baldness in da house. Then went to Roscoe’s and saw N******, A___, Dan and Michael. Stayed there probably an hour and taxi-ed home. Going to Ikea with Brigitte this morning/afternoon, dinner with Jim @ 6. This is the kind of weather where you just want to take a cool shower every three hours – makes me think of Body Heat or Streetcar Named Desire. Designed an album cover for my trance CD – if I ever finish it – if I ever really start it. It’s gonna be called Visionary Muffin-Pan. That is how Beth once described me – that I have all of these different visions that bake up in different compartments, themes and media. I love Beth. Wish she’d stop this ‘I love my family’ foolishness and move back up here to party with us.






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