wednesday, september 5

Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by all that there is to do that I just sit silently and feel myself awash in events, tasks and chaos – seemingly beyond my control. Boxing seemed to bring me back to earth – today we sparred – or more accurately – I got hit. Not hard. But enough. It’s hard. As soon as Jerome would make a hit I’d immediately get defensive and stay defensive and stop thinking about what I need to do to hit him back. Pretty good analysis of my personality. I rarely ever strike back. That’s gotta change. I think that’s one of the reasons I’m subjecting myself to boxing. You will get hit. Make no mistake, you will get hit. But you can either take it or roll with it give it right back.

Surgery up in two weeks y’all. Looking forward to it. I’m hoping it helps in preventing monthly throat and sinus infections. And hopefully I can get a voice over demo tape done in the next couple of months.

I think I’m addicted to parfaits.






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