wednesday, october 10

Totally damned cool. My high school theatre teacher just had her first novel published, The Third Witch. It is a re-telling of Macbeth from the point of view of one of the witches. I am so happy for Ms. Reisert. She was a very influential force in the development of my sister and my writings. I hope the book tour comes to Chicago. That would rock big time.

I think the only thing worse than someone thinking you fucked up is knowing that you did fuck up. I had a web design client that I’d designed a site plan for and even sent writing assignments to. Things broke down over the months and we never got together again. I want to play the blame game but it’s true: I fucked up. I let it go. I let it slide. I over-committed yet again and I feel terrible. But then my self-abuse kicks in: yeah, well you didn’t feel terrible enough to do something about it. True. I didn’t. I’m always surprised the lack of mercy I show for myself. Like whenever someone says – I meant to do this or that and my vindictive reflex is well ya didn’t so it wasn’t that important after all was it?

In other news: Ron found my blog finally. He loves it. Hopefully I’ll be able to remain objective about him even if I know he’s reading this. We shall see. If not I’ll just move the server. We have very good times together and it’s nice to hold/be held.






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