wednesday, november 8

From: _____

A night or two after George Sr. got the Republican N******nation in ’88 I had
just returned to Chicago – (I was thin! But of course still smoking),
anyway, I’m at an opening – boutique I think, walked in the door and the
place was a buzz – George Sr. had just arranged for a RECENT abortion for a
“lady friend” whom he had to ship off to Europe for the procedure. (George
Sr. was a famous runaround!) It was a wonderful night. We all assumed it
would be the headline the next morning. It wasn’t. Story never surfaced at
all. An Urban Legend. I didn’t know anyone there, except one or two people
and I cannot remember a better time with a bunch of people that all I had in
common with was a distaste for Bush. Interesting. Considering he was a
debaucher, it IS amazing no stories surfaced, you got to figure there were
tons. I wasn’t much of a debaucher – too serious about career, etc., but I
played, stories could sure be told about me! (Which, of course, now I’m
thankful for. Can you imagine winding up without any “stories” sbout you!
Good grief!






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