wednesday, july 11

Went and reserved rehearsal space for Sinister for the entire rehearsal process – it’s gonna be a blast – we only have nine rehearsals to get all three episodes up and running. Then I went to SportMart and bought wrestling shoes for boxing (Jerome sez I need shoes with less traction). Ran into Richard at SportMart and we went to Caribou where he worked on a grant and I worked on the new draft of Sinister. There’s something satisfying when you know that you’re the bomb. As I re-read the scripts I knew what needed to be fixed and why. And I know how to more fully flesh out episode three to make it as fun a ride as the other two eps are. It was very satisfying to know that I’m understanding the craft and machineryu behind playmaking.

Yes I’m gonna miss WebVan, alot. I loved it. It’s a pity they burned through a billion in 18 months – wish I could try that sometime. But give me a fucking break Salon!

“Now we all feel shame.” ….. “I was one of those people who wanted a candy bar, and had it delivered,” said one man plaintively. “Now I feel depraved. Those low-dollar items — that was what killed Kozmo.”

“After sitting at home in my bathrobe, and having some nice man hand me my movie, how can I ever go back to Blockbusters?” asked one woman. “It’s like living in a Third World country.” Said a young man, a retail clerk: “I’m just so tired now. I’m tired all the time.”

“When I heard about Kozmo, I started worrying about Vindigo [an online service that allows mobile device users to call up the location of the best restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, etc. in 20 cities]. Vindigo can’t go away. It’s a public service. People won’t be able to function.”

Never under-estimate the ability of Americans to be self-absorbed.

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