wednesday, december 19

Yesterday an announcement went out at work about our security passes:

Where should employees wear their IDs?

IDs should be worn about chest height, so they are easily visible.

What should you do when you encounter a person not displaying an ID?

Politely ask the person if he or she is a employee, and if so, whether he or she has an ID. If the person does not have an ID, direct the person to the lobby security desk and call Security to notify them of the situation.

Good morning citizen, I do not see your ID this morning. Please explain yourself… take him to Room 101!

I had a dream last night that I was inside a school for the blind and I was having to fake blindness to avoid being caught or singled out… I was trying to choose a train line but knew that I couldn’t go by color since I was supposed to be blind. Later on, I’m chasing this woman from the streets through the building and I hurl my journal at her, like a chinese star, and it hits her in the back of the neck – she’s a little stunned but keeps running. Wow: playing blind to not get caught and using writing as a weapon.






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