wednesday, december 12

Every once in a while the universe turns the world upside down – or at least tweaks reality enough to freak you out. In my journal this morning I was writing how I feel completely out of control of my time and work and projects and that I am running myself ragged trying to get all these different things done. I ended my journal with: ‘I need to open it up.’ Meaning – I need to open all my chaos up and look for a response… the worst part about getting all New Age-y sometimes is when it works and you have to sort of admit that there is such a thing as serendipity… as I left the gym from my final boxing lesson this ragged look guy sitting on the stairs asked me if I was Andy. I said, ‘I’m an Andy.’ (another Andy had left right before me) This guy was an illustrator and he’d made a caricature drawing of Jerome and I boxing. I gave him ten bucks for it. I’m am totally freaked out by this.






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