wednesday, august 8

I was very not in the mood for boxing this morning. I was out of sorts. But I tried to hang in there anyway. Currently, I’m sitting on hold trying to get registered for a data-conference. The structure of my department is changing again. There’s a new level being inserted between my current manager and I – but at the same time I’ll now be on the same level with a woman who has direct reprots. It’s not changing my work or my pay so it doesn’t really matter that much. Going to go see Hedda Gabler at Steppenwolf. I can’t wait. I love Ibsen. He’s so awesome. My hands reek of the ripe smell of boxing gloves – will not all the Purell in the world sweeten this little hand? Matt dropped by yesterday afternoon for a surprise lunch – he’s at the VASTA conference. He heard a lecture where a guy basically dismantled the contemporary notions of iambic pentameter. Or one lady ranted about how the language is not about verbs. It’s about nouns. Love it. I can’t wait for this kind of geek talk next week at the ICF conference. Then Heather and Brooks are coming in the week after that. It will be good to see them. My tonsillectomy is going to be September 17th. Karen’s gonna be pissed – she wants to go on some sort of trip in September. We’ll see. Sure would be nice to recover from my surgery in Cancun…






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