Visit To Grandma

Sitting here in bed at mom and dad’s house. I am always surprised at the head of hair grandma has on her. We went to the hospital – mom and I – after dinner at Buckheads (yeast roll bonanza… yum!). I ran my hand through her hair and lightly rubbed her scalp. Her blue eyes recognized me and she actually said the words ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ when I came in and said same to her. Mom washed her hands and put lotion on them and then fed her some orange sherbert. We get out of there and all I can think about is if I am still paying into my long-term care plan I had with my employer or not…? And where will I be when I am 93?

I have my usual pre-return antsy-ness. I just want to get home and get it going. I am always like this the night before my flight. I just get un-ruly and more than a little ornery. I was glad that we went out to a bookstore this morning while we were still in Nashville. I think that we had been all four sitting in the same room for too long. Reading. And talking. And reading. And talking. I am thankful that we are such a communicative (communicable?) bunch – but I was getting a little – dense. Feeling the density. I guess that’s a good way to put it.

I am going to take the laptop in to Best Buy on Monday morning first thing and see if they can lay hands on it. I am hoping that they’ll say it is a faulty hard drive and order a new one and I’ll be on my merry way. I just want the damned thing to work fast – like a 800 MHz machine is supposed to!

I know that I say it every month. But I really want to get December locked down and productive. Get all of my teleclasses loaded into the proper websites and billing systems. Nail down the scripts once and for all. And get the emailing schedule out there and rolling.

I just had a very strange craving for Tab. Or at least Tab with a lemon in it. Very strange.






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  1. April Avatar

    I have the best of intentions to make December a productive month as well. I read somewhere that it helps to write down one’s goals, and post them where they can be seen every day. I’m going to try giving that a shot.

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