Videotape of Al-Queda Beheading American Contractor

Update: If you are looking for discussion regarding the June 2004 murder of Paul Johnson please click here.

The circle completes itself for another repetition:

The video showed five men wearing headscarves and black ski masks, standing over a bound man in an orange jumpsuit – similar to a prisoner’s uniform – who identified himself as Nick Berg, a U.S. contractor whose body was found on a highway overpass in Baghdad…






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  1. Andy Avatar

    From the hearings: Sen. Inhofe from Oklahoma

    The idea that these prisoners, they’re not there for traffic violations. If they’re in cell block 1A or 1B, these prisoners, they’re murderers, they’re terrorists, they’re insurgents, and many of them probably have American blood probably on their hands and here we’re so concerned about the treatment of those individuals.

    So they deserved it? No due process, no trial, no nothing and they deserved it. What an asshole.

    Up to 90 percent of Iraqi detainees were arrested “by mistake.”

  2. flounder the fascist Avatar
    flounder the fascist

    i didn’t realize that “being slapped, roughed up, pushed around or pushed to the ground” was tantamount to torture. didn’t you post earlier about exaggerated war atrocities?

  3. Andy Avatar

    Sodomizing a detainee with a chemical light and perhaps a broom stick.

    Forcing groups of male detainees to masturbate themselves while being photographed and videotaped.

    A male MP guard having sex with a female detainee.

    And the quote your using leads with “Language problems sometimes led to”. What point is it beating somebody up because they don’t speak English like the rest of the world should?

  4. Terrance Avatar

    I’ve seen the video. I heard Inhofe’s statement. Inhofe is no better than the masked men in the video. In fact, the men in the video did their killing with their own hands. The likes of Inhofe prefer to send younger people to do it for them.

  5. Tim Z. Avatar

    i didn’t realize that “being slapped, roughed up, pushed around or pushed to the ground” was tantamount to torture.”

    As an experiment, we should have flounder stripped naked, sodomized, dragged around by a leash, bitten by dogs, while being photographed for others’ personal amusement to see if he would still be expressing the same unAmerican comments he’s been spewing here lately.

    Let flounder the fascist get his inspiration from Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, and Joseph Stalin.
    I prefer a more contemporary role model:

    “The memory of a history of division and hate, injustice and
    suffering, inhumanity of person against person should inspire us
    to celebrate our own demonstration of the capacity of human
    beings to progress, to go forward, to improve, to do better.”

    ? Nelson Mandela, 10 May 2004

  6. flounder 'aka' hitler, poi pot and stalin! Avatar
    flounder ‘aka’ hitler, poi pot and stalin!

    Wow, thats amazing…You can quote Nelson Mandela all you want, but you don’t fool me.

  7. Andy Avatar

    One thing that has struck me about the current administration is it inspires us with fear. My idealistic self wishes for a president that inspires his constituents to a better tomorrow. I know that sounds cheesey – and I know fear is much better as a control mechanism – but I still wish for a president that inspires me. Too bad President Palmer is fictional (don’t give any spoilers – I haven’t watched 24 yet this season – we’re waiting until it comes out on DVD!).

  8. Andy Avatar

    Don’t think I need to see the video – and you can find links to it everywhere so I won’t be linking to it. But this description sums it up: (from a Metafilter discussion)

    For those who read the words “decapitated” or “chopped off” and build a clean-cut hollywood style image in their minds of someone being quickly executed guillotine-style have no fucking idea.

    A much more accurate account should mention how they pinned him to the ground face down, grabbed a handful of his hair for leverage, and then spent a whole fucking MINUTE cutting and sawing THROUGH his neck with a large knife, while Berg screeched in horror for as long as was physically possible.

  9. J.Scott Barnard Avatar

    This is no f***ing circle. There’s a very big difference between investigating abuse at AG and beheading a prisoner. Very f***ing different. Don’t start believing the agitprop of our enemies.

  10. Andy Avatar

    So the torture and execution of Iraqi prisoners has no correlation to Nick Berg’s death? Violence begets violence.

  11. Andy Avatar

    Let me re-qualify. It doesn’t appear clear that the release of the Berg video was in direct response to the release of the Taguba report.

  12. Tim Z. Avatar

    The killing of Nick Berg probably took place last Friday, I think his body was recovered on Saturday.
    That would have been ten days after the release of the first torture photos on 60 Minutes II. The acts depicted in those photos took place months ago, long before even the Fallujah incident.

    “Don’t start believing the agitprop of our enemies.”
    Never have.
    I always take administration propaganda with a grain of salt!

  13. flounder 'aka' hitler, poi pot and stalin! Avatar
    flounder ‘aka’ hitler, poi pot and stalin!

    I think the beheading was orchestrated by Karl Rove and carried out by the CIA to take heat off the President and the prison abuse scandal. In fact, see that one guy on the far left in the video, its Karl! The guy can do anything.

  14. flounder 'aka' hitler, poi pot and stalin! Avatar
    flounder ‘aka’ hitler, poi pot and stalin!

    “This is no f***ing circle. There’s a very big difference between investigating abuse at AG and beheading a prisoner.”

    You wouldn’t think so listening to the radical left.

  15. Tim Z. Avatar

    poi pot

    Sounds like a Hawaiian delicacy popular among pro-torture Republicans.

  16. Matthew Avatar

    Unbelievable to say the least. Enough of the Iraq pics. Damn, show what they do to our soldiers !

  17. Andy Avatar

    what they do to our soldiers

    Tune into any non-American broadcast and you’ll see.

  18. flounder the fascist, torture loving unAmerican Avatar
    flounder the fascist, torture loving unAmerican

    Its sad when the foreign press is even less biased in their coverage than the American media.

  19. Tim Z. Avatar

    Rumsfeld authorized the torture and sexual humiliation of Iraqis.
    This is from the brand new New Yorker

    If you prefer the foreign press…

    And those anti-Kerry Vietnam vets who the resident troll likes to flog us with, are headed by a Republican operative who has been trying to smear Kerry since the Nixon administration.
    Fox News, of all organizations, has exposed this organization’s flip flops.
    This link is to a new media watchdog group with links to other sources.

  20. Tim Z. Avatar

    Wait, there’s more!

    If you prefer sound to long articles, you can hear NPR’s Liane Hansen talk with Seymour Hersh in this audio from today’s Weekend Edition – Sunday which was just made available a little while ago.

  21. Andy Avatar

    Thanks Tim – those are great articles.

  22. flounder the troll Avatar
    flounder the troll

    Wow, John O’Neill is a Republican that may have worked briefly in the Nixon Administration. Oh the horror! Liberals can try and slander these Vietnam Vets all they want, but the evidence of John Kerry making false accusations of war atrocities for political gain is irrefutable. This is what liberals get for making such a big issue out of Bush’s service in the Guard, what goes around…

  23. Andy Avatar

    Crazy conjecture: It’s the same chair.

  24. Tim Z. Avatar

    John Kerry making false accusations of war atrocities for political gain is irrefutable.

    The resident troll and neocon parrot is still flogging his dead horse. He must really be infatuated by the Smear Boat Republicans.

    Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Wolfowitz should worry more about the atrocities currently being committed under their command in Iraq.
    Justice will eventually catch up to them as it did to this old crony of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.

    After they are booted from office, the chief Bushies will have to avoid leaving the US so they don’t risk being arrested abd sent to The Hague for war crimes trials.

  25. flounder the neocon parrot Avatar
    flounder the neocon parrot

    “The resident troll and neocon parrot is still flogging his dead horse. He must really be infatuated by the Smear Boat Republicans.”

    Whats up with the constant ad-hominem attacks? Again, these 300 or so Vets are simply voicing their anger at Kerry’s fabrication of atrocities and want the record set straight.

  26. John Avatar

    I cant believe some of you stupid liberals. havent you thought maybe this is how wars are won… intelligence, we have to get it somehow without hammering bamboo sticks under their finger nails. I’d much rather be humiliated then tortured to death, and think what they were doing to these people before we got there, now you guys are bitching about how we handle these TERRORISTS that have killed our brothers and sisters in combat. We are just trying to help free these people and it is being turned into a civil rights movement and those assholes are getting these ideas from us! Before we got there they didnt even have civil rights, if they didnt like how they were being treated they got shot in the face! you think that guy killed Nick Berg because what they did at the prison? No, he did it because it was a excuse to kill a american! want a description of their religion? praise allah and everyone who doesnt praise allah doesnt deserve to live. I think freedom is worth a few humiliated terrorists, dont you. w/b


  27. Beverly Smith Avatar
    Beverly Smith

    What those idiots did to Nick Berg was cruel they should of been taught better than that but hello they weren’t. If that was us we would be in jail doing time for the crime we did. I think that the those prisioners deserved what our troops did to them they shoot at us daily and think that nothing will happen bullshit something will something worse than what is happening to them now! I know that i sound like a madman on the loose but that’s my opinion and we are allowed to have our own opinions or is that against the law too!

  28. amyp Avatar

    Iam outraged with everything that happened. I have just joined the Army and I support the war. But it is a horrifying thought for me to go to Iraq and get beheaded or hung of a bridge just because they have to take revenge even on the good soldiers, so it seems like some people have lost it and cant handle the pressure and werent trained and given too much power and politicians trying to find a solution for it all. But the truth is that when american soldiers got hung off a bridge nobody even came to help or try to rescue them…the world doesnt seem as outraged about us americans dieing in the war, since we started it…Iam an American soldier and part of the worlds most powerful Army, and I love the United States of America and I will be honored to stand for a good example of what and American soldier is, even if I have to pay the price for what others have done.

  29. John Avatar

    That is very honorable amyp, and if you read my post i said about the same thing. The thing is that these people are so barbaric and are on a ‘Holy Quest’ and we are infidels to them. Its sad, but its the truth. We have a image to uphold as americans see it, another thing you have to think about is that these terrorists get paid around $10,000 per american they kill and because the per capita is so low in these countries 10 grand is a fortune, and besides that they believe that when they die they have 72 virgins to serve them for eternity… and the women get nothing. no wonder the women dont fight haha j/k.

  30. mean gene Avatar
    mean gene

    Yeah, I wore ears in Nam.Had 3 favorite whores in Pusan, hadacol, lysol, and airwick. Lost my virginity in ww11. Waiting on another Crusades, bring it on. What the hell is Bush starting a war, only dems do that

  31. joe Avatar

    lets see

  32. zorak Avatar

    iraq is teh sux0r

  33. NORMAN TATE Avatar



  34. Terry Avatar

    You have no idea of the comparisons you put together. I definitely believe that the Iraqi prisoners were abused, but that does not give any reason for terrorists or extremists to capture innocent men, put a price on his head to return CRIMINALS, and then MURDER the innocent man. You are one twisted mind that needs to get your head on straight and see what is happening to Americans and will always happen no matter what, and begin supporting our efforts to secure a peaceful place to live. We have not had a continental terrorist attack since the US has been in Iraq. Yes they fear us, but that keeps them out of our country and keeps us away from harm. Learn more about how our country protects your rights and freedoms, then speak about how horrible we are when you have good sources to back your claims. As for now you seem like a really idiotic liberal that only wants attention and has no true reason to complain.

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