Vasqy! Vasqy!


My sister just called to announce that Jenette Goldstein – better known as super-butch, illegal-alien/alien-asskicker Vasquez from Aliens was on 24 tonight. She is also the Irish mother reading to her kids as they quietly drown in Titanic (that and the couple holding hands in bed as the water rises are the two most striking images of that entire film – oh, that and the tracking shot from the ocean to the top of the capsizing ship) and John Conner’s foster mom in T2 (y’know – when she’s been cloned by the T1000 and slices the foster father with a metal blade arm – and the milk carton he’s drinking out of?). From a Yahoo! Movies bio:

She went to New York and London to study the craft, and was living in Britain when she heard about the Aliens audition. Though she mistakenly thought it was a movie about immigrants, her athletic background as well as acting skills helped her get the role of super-tough Pvt. Vasquez, one of the small band of soldiers pitted against the formidable mother Alien.

Gives a little more weight to the dialogue:

HUDSON: She thought they said illegal alien and signed up!

Note to you: Ron and I are foregoing watching 24 season three because we missed so many of the initial episodes and because of the giddy delirium we can subject ourselves to when the DVDs come out next fall. Please don’t spoil me!






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    Yeah, Man, But it’s a dry heat!

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