US Ombudsmen Blame AP for Lacking Memo Coverage

From Salon:

As American newspaper editors look back and examine why the controversial Downing Street memo, first published by the Times of London on May 1, received so little coverage in their papers, several of them are pointing to the same culprit: the Associated Press. But Jim Cox, USA Today’s senior assignment editor for foreign news, told Salon that when the story first broke last month, “we looked to wires for guidance” but for days didn’t see anything.

Could you have possibly opened up a goddamn browser and seen the coverage happening in the rest of the world? What a bunch of asshats.

Prediction: There will be some kind of John Conyers scandal leaked in the next several days to paint him as a traitor or unsavory individual.







One response to “US Ombudsmen Blame AP for Lacking Memo Coverage”

  1. Susan Avatar

    They won’t open a browser if its going to sock em in the eye…
    Your prediction is right on but we are privy to the game.

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