U.S. Ends Search for WMDs

Didn’t you see the major press conference? Me either: (via DailyKos)

U.S. inspectors have ended their search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in recent weeks, a U.S. intelligence official told CNN. The search ended almost two years after President Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq, citing concerns that Saddam Hussein was building weapons of mass destruction and may have hidden weapons stockpiles.

So I guess now the war really is pointless.

Update: Right-wing blogs are still stuck on the CBS ouster. Left-wing blogs are all over the WMD story. Sheesh.






3 responses to “U.S. Ends Search for WMDs”

  1. Mental Masturbation Avatar

    WMD MIA – Nod to Andymatic

  2. David Cerda Avatar

    The war is pointless? Well, er…,uh…, um…, WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!

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