U.S. Considers Death Squads in Iraq

Newsweek Magazine is reporting that the Pentagon is drawing up possible proposals to send special forces teams to advise, support and train hand-picked Iraqi squads to target Sunni rebels. Within the Pentagon, the tactic is named “The Salvador option” after the strategy that was secretly employed by Ronald Reagan’s administration to combat the guerrilla insurgency in El Salvador in the early 1980s. The current US ambassador in Iraq is John Negroponte. As ambassador to Honduras, Negroponte played a key role in coordinating US covert aid to the Contras who targeted civilians in Nicaragua and shoring up a CIA-backed death squad in Honduras.






One response to “U.S. Considers Death Squads in Iraq”

  1. Orbicon Avatar

    So, the Pentagon is using this strategy why? Because it worked so well? Did we somehow rewrite history so that the murder of innocent civilians in order to protect them from communism was a good thing?
    By the way, El Salvador is STILL in disarray from the Reagan admin sticking its dirty hand in there.

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