Unemployed Guy on Obama and 2012

I don’t entirely agree with this. From Metafilter:

I’ve been unemployed for eight months now. I don’t talk about it a lot because I don’t feel like playing the wah-wah poor-me card. I understand there are a LOT of people out there worse off than me, both in this country and afar. But it fucking hurts, okay? It fucking sucks. I’m very happy for Lilly Ledbetter [and the Fair Pay act]. Good on her. That wasn’t the cornerstone of his presidential platform. That it’s his “biggest accomplishment” so far on annoying message boards isn’t laudable; it’s evidence that he’s a fucking failure. I didn’t vote for him, donate to him, volunteer for him, and defend him because I really wanted an extension of Cash for Clunkers and an extension of the DTV transition. These aren’t accomplishments. Not when you said you were going to close Gitmo, end DADT, and maybe, oh I don’t know, fix health care so I don’t have to pay $500 a month- five hundred dollars a month- to provide me with an ambulance if I get into an accident, maybe. Democrats are completely and totally fucked in 2010. And 2012. Yes, it’s over. You saw what happened in Massachusetts and it’s going to happen again. Because they learned nothing from this. Because for the last eight months all we’ve been told is to wait patiently as Obama “works this out…” I look at that GIF of Obama going “CHILL THE FUCK OUT I GOT THIS” and just laugh, darkly. What a fucking joke. Democrats have given Obama excuses that would be said as jokes about Bush. Oh, he can’t do anything about the Senate? Fuck off. Sorry, I forgot the leader of the fucking party who had 70 percent approval on day one couldn’t say or do anything. I guess he was too busy picking out a puppy. Oh, the media isn’t “on his side?” Shit, that is amazing. I never knew that.

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