Under Wraps

I have great news to report!

Great news that I can’t tell you yet.

Absolutely fan-fucking-tastic news . That I can’t tell you yet.

It is taking a huge amount of willpower not to tell the world the amazing thing that is about to happen in my world.

And I can’t tell you. Yet.

Hopefully in a week or so.

This is stuff that is going to merit a new tattoo at least!

The news I’m sitting on is so big that I had a celebration dinner tonight at Stella’s! Although, it was just me (Ron is out). I even had onion rings. And a milkshake. Transfats signify major life changing events in my family.

It is colder than I thought it would be outside. It is always warmer in the apartment in the evening when the sun is shining into all the windows. So it was a nice spring afternoon in the apartment but a chilly Chicago spring on the street.

My repeated listening of Marilyn Manson has me thinking how many of his themes four years ago are front and center now. Especially ‘Guns, God, Government.’ I think of military recruiters when I hear ‘Disposable Teens.’ But I think nihilism is always a counterpoint to current events in one way or another.

I downloaded NIN’s With Teeth on iTunes today and listended to a few tracks. Seems sort of stuck. Perhaps it will deepen once I really sit down and listen to the whole thing. Reviews so far are saying it isn’t as ‘epic’ as his other work. That’s too bad – I’ve always the sweeping painscape he populates so well from the highest pillar of heaven to the deepest hovels of hell.

I’m at the coffeeshop now feeling the onion rings and victory milkshake settle in my stomach. Diet-wise as been off and on. I did lift on Sunday with Ron and I was thinking of the idea of designing a workout done entirely at the squat rack. I think that’d be fun. I spend so much time going from bench to rack to machine and back that I think it’d be cool to be in one spot. I can do squat, dead lift, bench press (incline or flat), military press, curl, calf raise, bent over row, pullover and tricep curls. That would shake things up a bit.

Looking forward to the conferene this weekend. I am sort of nervous about meeting tons of new people. I hope I do okay. I think the first two days wlll be very compelling with looking at ‘citizen journalist’ practices.






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  1. sam Avatar

    Christ on a stick… I love the suspense but want to know what the hell it is already!!1!

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